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Investment Strategy
We target investments in family-owned and owner-operated businesses that can achieve accelerated EBITDA growth through improved planning, enhanced employee incentives, retention, and workforce performance, platform acquisitions, and upgraded systems and technology.

Focused on Lower Middle Market

We are focused on partnering with small and midsize companies that have a proven business model, yet are in need of capital and a hands-on strategic partner to achieve their full potential.

We are specialized in the traditional “lower middle middle market” where companies have an EBITDA of $2M+ and Revenues of $10M+. We know there continues to be extraordinary unmet demand for growth capital from smaller companies in the US, allowing us to be deliberate in the investments we make.

We only make investments after identifying a path of accelerated growth, which leads to better outcomes for current employees, investment partners, and local communities.

Investing with Intent and Purpose

Jacmel’s team invests long-term capital one company at a time. As an independent sponsor, we aren’t investing on behalf of third party investors, but rather our own capital into companies we believe are poised to grow, improving our economy, local communities, and the lives of employees.

Man presenting company numbers in a team meeting

Growth Through Diverse Leadership

We know the power that comes from diverse perspectives and voices, and understand the lasting impact it can have in the growth of businesses. Within the companies we maintain, we take a deliberate approach to maintaining and enhancing diverse leadership. This effort is often the most important step towards enhancing DEI efforts across a company and can inspire the next generation of diverse talent. In addition, companies often experience organic growth from having diverse leaders, who can bring in new business prospects or a stronger pipeline through contract opportunities generated from a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification.

Sector Focus

We primarily focus on asset-lite, business services companies that operate in fragmented industries. By enhancing technology, implementing process improvements, and improving human capital initiatives, Jamcel has a clear path to accelerating company growth.

  • Healthcare Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Engineering & Infrastructure Services
  • Third Party Logistics (3PL)

  • Software Solutions
  • Industrial & Business Services
  • Safety Services