Finding "Alpha" through partnership,

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At Jacmel Growth Partners, LLC, we partner with our portfolio management teams to grow profits, grow people, and grow communities.  Nothing is more important than the commitment we have to our investors and our portfolio companies. We are committed to delivering a high return on investment by working with business leaders to increase and drive value. We do this by finding and investing in companies that see their employees as more than a source of profit.

We focus specifically on family-owned, midsize firms with high potential. These founders have poured their heart and soul into their company, but require more financial and human capital firepower to continue driving the company’s growth.  We work with these companies in partnership, providing advisory services in addition to capital, to help them achieve their goals.

Once Jacmel invests in a company, we work with those leaders to grow profits through a variety of no-cost and low-cost strategies. We focus on investing in a company’s employees, including reviewing benefit packages and providing
educational services. These strategies help companies to invest in their employees, invest in their communities, and grow their profits.

Our Team

Jacmel’s leaders bring over 20 years of combined finance, entrepreneurial and legal experience. They have previously worked at some of the largest Wall Street investment banks and private equity firms, where dealing with $1 billion plus
transactions were a common occurrence. Through these experiences, our leaders developed extensive networks of capital providers, civic leaders and corporate professionals.

Our Founder


Jacmel is born out of a desire to invest in communities and grow companies. The firm is named after the small beach town in Haiti where the father of Nick Jean-Baptiste, Jacmel’s founder, was born. The firm aims to create the vibrancy that exists in that small Caribbean town in all places where it has investments. Nick is an entrepreneur, investor and strategic thought leader on leveraging private equity to improve businesses and the lives of their employees. He has over 20 years of experience growing businesses and developing financial solutions.

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